Know-how for technology and sales

Current knowledge for practice

so that technology inspires

Even the best technology requires competent planning and installation so that it can show its advantages. It is therefore important to us to familiarize employees of specialist companies with this modern and efficient technology and to regularly refresh their knowledge. Technical certification is also possible.

Our factory and a specialized training center are available for our training courses. Our experts are also happy to come to your company for on-site training.

The participants get to know the current state of the art of refrigeration, cooling and heating systems. In addition to imparting theoretical basics, the functions of the YANMAR gas engine heat pumps as well as our additional products are explained and their handling trained using specific examples.

The main topics include:

1) Legal requirements
2) Reasoning concepts
3) Identifying market potential
4) Working out interfaces
5) Planning and coordination of the various marketing and sales activities
6) Design of presentation documents
7) Planning and implementation of trade fair appearances
8) Planning and implementation of in-house events, e.g. Builders’ Days

1) YANMAR system solutions
2) Basics of the refrigeration cycle in general
3) Basics of GHP
4) Function description of the engine
5) Installation GHP
6) Function description HB
7) Input configurations HB
8) Installation HB
9) Functional description  AHU kit
10) Installation AHU kit

1) YANMAR software
2) ECWP commissioning
3) ENCP commissioning
4) EFZP commissioning
5) HB commissioning
6) AHU kit commissioning
7) VRF-IU commissioning

1) ECWP maintenance
2) ENCP maintenance
3) EFZP maintenance
4) Engine maintenance
5) HB maintenance
6) AHU kit maintenance
7) VRF-IU maintenance

1) Troubleshooting
2) Failure detection and elimination
3) Reconditioning and repair

Participation requirements

Basic knowledge of sanitary, heating and air conditioning technology, depending on the application also in refrigeration technology

Target group

Engineers, technicians, foremen, skilled craftsmen and customer service technicians in the building services and refrigeration sector

Strategy, system, success

Efficiently developing the market potential

When it comes to heating and/or cooling, everything speaks in favor of using the reliable and particularly efficient heat pump technology from YANMAR. You are convinced, we are anyway – but how do you translate this enthusiasm into an increase in business success?

We address this question in our sales training courses. Our own sales experts pass on their knowledge and experience from systematic, strategic sales in a demanding technical area.

Topics covered include:

Participation requirements

First experience in sales and marketing

Target group

Young and experienced employees in internal and external sales, in marketing as well as project managers/employees from all other operational areas who perform sales tasks