May the people and
the future unfolds


For people and the future!

A new beginning, a new generation, with new opportunities.
We will nurture young talent to fill the world with an unprecedented level of enthusiasm and joy. We will explore new frontiers and shape the future into an inspiring environment for all people.

HANASAKA is our culture that supports people and builds our future.
Those who take on challenges. Those who think about the future of society. Those with sporting potential and cultural awareness. We always support their enthusiasm, regardless of their background. To pass on hope from one generation to the next. For a better tomorrow. This is the basis for our sustainability, because every person is a seed for shaping the future.

Company history and

Magokichi Yamaoka, the founder of YANMAR, grew up in a small farming village. He developed a compact engine out of a desire to make his parents’ work on the farm easier and more comfortable. This desire to enrich people’s lives has been passed on since YANMAR was founded and has become part of our culture.

We call it HANASAKA. HANASAKA is based on the philosophy of believing in people’s potential and encouraging them to take on challenges. This is the foundation not only for YANMAR’s business activities, but also for our endeavours to nurture future generations. We nurture this spirit through a wide range of activities in the fields of sport, art and culture.

The logo

The “HANASAKA” logo, which represents cherry blossoms, is a combination of the Yanmar “FLYING-Y” logo. We believe in people’s potential and encourage them to take on challenges.

And let your flowers bloom full of great possibilities for the future. This is our wish and redesigned by Kashiwa Sato.

A sustainable future

Born from the spirit of our founder, HANASAKA
is the starting point and foundation of YANMAR

An energy-conscious society

A society in which people can work and live in peace

A society in which people can enjoy healthy and nutritious food

A society that offers an exciting life with diverse and enriching experiences

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