Water-cooled chiller
with natural refrigerant

Water-cooled and 100 % customisable

Compact cooling capacity

Our water-cooled chillers offer reliable performance with a particularly simple design and compact dimensions. There is a choice of different output variants for air conditioning or refrigeration applications, which can be customised to suit every requirement. For more demanding requirements, several chillers can be easily combined to form a powerful multi-machine – as individual units or on a shared frame.


Stronger in the network

For efficient coverage of particularly high or highly fluctuating loads, several chillers can be connected to form a multi-machine – also mounted on a common base frame if required.

The individual units can be switched on or off as required and remain independent in terms of refrigeration, as the connection is only made on the cold water side. In this way, the multi-machine additionally increases the security of supply.


for every need
45 KW
580 KW

Our electric propane chillers
deliver optimum performance for every application requirement.

Naturally! Propane

With our electric propane chillers with natural refrigerant, you are
refrigerant, you are legally compliant in the long term.

Cost- & resource-efficient

YANMAR has always stood for highly efficient machines,
and our electric propane chillers continue this tradition.
In practical use, this means low energy
energy consumption and therefore low operating costs.

Simple maintenance

Operation and maintenance are carried out exclusively
front and rear, all components are positioned for easy servicing.

Comprehensive control

Our in-house developed controller enables
continuous recording of all operating data – and
and therefore convenient remote diagnosis and monitoring.

Factory-tested quality

Before delivery, each machine undergoes a
complete function test on our in-house test bench before delivery.

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