Naturally! Propane
with YANMAR propane machines
Benefit from a climate-friendly,
completely future-proof system.

YANMAR propane machine

Climate-friendly refrigeration

With YANMAR propane machines, you benefit from state-of-the-art technology that combines cost-effectiveness with sustainability: Our machines work particularly efficiently and utilise sustainable, natural refrigerants with a particularly low global warming potential.



For a long time, partially or fully halogenated hydrocarbons were the refrigerants of choice. However, despite all their technical advantages, their negative impact on the stratospheric ozone layer and the climate increasingly came to the fore. The consequence: since 2007, the use of these F-gases has become increasingly difficult throughout Europe, among other things due to ever stricter testing requirements for refrigeration and air conditioning systems and a ban on F-gases with a particularly high global warming potential (GWP).

As a natural refrigerant, propane (R290) has a GWP of just 3, making it much less harmful to our atmosphere. With the new YANMAR propane machines, you therefore benefit from a climate-friendly, all-round future-proof system.

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Reduction in the number of
of HFCs

Share of the amount of CO2 equivalents
from 2015 (%)

Revision of the F-Gas Ordinance increases pressure on operators of chillers

Operators of refrigeration machines should rethink and invest in new technologies with future-proof refrigerants. The European Parliament is therefore making the use of fluorinated greenhouse gases more difficult. This is where an amended F-Gas Regulation comes into play, which came into force on 1 January 2015. Its aim is to help reduce the “tonne CO2 equivalent” of F-gases circulating in the EU – by 70 % by 2030 compared to 1990.

How is this to be achieved? By imposing additional taxes on HFC refrigerants and reducing the quantity on the market. This will inevitably lead to supply bottlenecks and an increase in prices. With the forthcoming additional tightening of the F-Gas Regulation, it is foreseeable that these refrigerants will be forced out of the market in several stages.

Changing the world together
With our propane solutions

With our sustainable products, we not only want to enrich the refrigeration, air conditioning and heating technology sector, but also change the world sustainably. Our aim is to use innovative solutions to make a relevant contribution to environmental and climate protection in order to protect the earth and all the creatures that live on it.

Highest flexibility -

even beyond performance

Performance for
every need

Our sustainable propane heat pumps & chillers deliver up to 640 kW heating capacity and 500 kW cooling capacity.


At our in-house YANMAR factory, our experienced engineers develop new solutions based on our sophisticated technology. This is why our new propane machines are also characterised by unconditional reliability.

Cost &
resource efficiency

YANMAR has always stood for highly efficient propane machines, and our new propane chillers continue this tradition. In practical use, this means low energy consumption and therefore low operating costs.


Our propane machines are equipped with a controller that is programmed in-house. This enables continuous recording of all operating data – and therefore convenient remote diagnostics and remote monitoring.

refrigerant quantity

Our propane machines require very little refrigerant: a maximum of 0.1 kg per kW output. By transferring the cold to a secondary medium, even long pipe lengths can be easily realised.

Safety without

The machine housing of our propane machines is completely enclosed. This design and other features such as the multi-stage gas sensor and an ATEX housing fan ensure maximum safety in all operating conditions.


Each machine undergoes a complete function test on our in-house test bench before delivery.


Easy accessibility was a criterion in the design of our new propane machines. Operation and maintenance are carried out exclusively from the front and rear, and all components are positioned for easy servicing. The condenser is very easy to clean via an inspection flap.

The future rewards the,
who thinks ahead

Attractive funding

by the government

As part of the funding programme for refrigeration and air conditioning systems, you can apply for attractive financial support from BAFA for newly installed YANMAR propane machines: up to 50% of the costs and up to 150,000 euros per system. Other system components such as dry coolers and refrigeration units as well as the implementation planning are also eligible for funding.

The funding calculator atörderrechner provides an initial impression.

Perfect for
every industry

Performance for every requirement with high efficiency and outstanding reliability: The new YANMAR propane machines are the ideal choice for industrial and commercial operations of all sizes, but also for all other facilities with high demands on cooling and refrigeration.

Our all-round
Service for you

Our experienced experts will support you in every phase of your refrigeration or cooling project. Based on a detailed needs analysis, they will plan a system that fulfils your performance requirements and also meets your deadline and budget. We are also happy to support you with installation, commissioning and user training. And with customised service and maintenance offers, we give you the peace of mind that your new system will work reliably and economically in the long term.

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