The future rewards that,
who thinks ahead.


At YANMAR, we are proud to have been true to our mission for more than 100 years. From our beginnings in Japan and throughout our global expansion, we have always focused on providing sustainable and innovative solutions that serve people and save energy.
Our commitment to efficiency and the environment has proven itself then and now, resulting in long-term savings for our customers.

YANMAR Energy System has developed solutions that are characterised by their responsible use of resources. These systems can work independently, but can also be combined with each other and integrated into existing systems – for even greater efficiency and cost savings.

We take responsibility


At YANMAR, we are convinced that social and technical progress must not be at the expense of the environment. We develop our products according to this principle: maximum efficiency, constant utilisation levels, low noise levels, long maintenance intervals, simple integration with ready-to-connect operating strategies and excellent IT security are the reasons for the special YANMAR quality.

Changing the world together

With our propane solutions

With our sustainable products, we not only want to enrich the refrigeration, air conditioning and heating technology sector, but also change the world sustainably. Our aim is to use innovative solutions to make a relevant contribution to environmental and climate protection in order to protect the earth and all the creatures that live on it.

Future-proof, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient

Attractive funding

by the government

As part of the funding programme for refrigeration and air conditioning systems, you can apply for attractive financial support from BAFA for newly installed YANMAR propane machines: up to 50% of the costs and up to 150,000 euros per system. Other system components such as dry coolers and refrigeration units as well as the implementation planning are also eligible for funding.

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Perfect for
every industry

Performance for every requirement with high efficiency and outstanding reliability: The new YANMAR propane machines are the ideal choice for industrial and commercial operations of all sizes, but also for all other facilities with high demands on cooling and refrigeration.

Our all-round
Service for you

Our experienced experts will support you in every phase of your refrigeration or cooling project. Based on a detailed needs analysis, they will plan a system that fulfils your performance requirements and also meets your deadline and budget. We are also happy to support you with installation, commissioning and user training. And with customised service and maintenance offers, we give you the peace of mind that your new system will work reliably and economically in the long term.

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