Sustainable synergy:
YANMAR Energy System Europe partners with Hecoclima

We are delighted to announce today that YANMAR Energy System Europe GmbH, your reliable provider of cooling, air conditioning, and ventilation solutions in Germany and Europe, and Hecoclima S.r.l., a renowned manufacturer of refrigeration machines and heat pumps, have entered into a promising collaboration.

In this powerful partnership, the development teams of Hecoclima and Yanmar will develop and manufacture innovative heat pumps with natural refrigerants. This is a significant step towards offering a comprehensive portfolio of environmentally friendly and sustainable cooling and climate systems. The use of natural refrigerants contributes to reducing the environmental footprint of cooling and air conditioning, benefiting both our customers and the environment.

YANMAR’s stated goal is to provide sustainable and efficient heating and cooling concepts to our customers in the commercial and industrial sectors. Our heat pumps play a central role, as they not only utilize the freely available energy in the ambient air but also enable integration into existing processes, thereby promoting the use of waste and excess heat. This significantly reduces the need for expensive primary energy and electricity, thus lowering operating costs.

Innovative refrigeration machines, as produced by Hecoclima, align perfectly with this approach through optimal resource utilization. By combining YANMAR’s concepts with Hecoclima heat pumps, investments in these systems become not only financially rewarding but also contribute to reducing environmental impacts and promoting sustainable corporate practices.

Another essential objective of our established collaboration is to jointly develop and implement further energy concepts with innovative machinery for YANMAR Energy System Europe’s markets. These new solutions will enhance the efficiency and performance of our cooling, air conditioning, and ventilation systems, meeting the ever-changing demands of our customers.

As a service partner in Germany, YANMAR Energy System Europe will also provide maintenance, repairs, and expansions for both YANMAR and Hecoclima products in commercial and industrial settings. Our highly skilled technicians will be available to YANMAR customers and Hecoclima system operators, ensuring smooth operations and long-term satisfaction.
YANMAR Energy System Europe is thrilled about the partnership with Hecoclima. We are confident that together we can achieve great things, benefiting our customers and the environment. In this spirit, we thank you for your trust and look forward to many successful projects that we can realize together with you.

Further information on our sustainable technologies can be found here:

Strong together for our customers:
Michael Nisch (right, CEO YANMAR Energy System Europe GmbH) and Paolo Ferraris (middle, CEO Hecoclima S.r.l.) officially signed the collaboration
agreement in August, with Gerrit Kerkenpass (Development and Production Manager YANMAR Energy System Europe GmbH) also pictured.
YANMAR Energy System Europe